Burhan Ibnu Mubtadi, Warsito .


This research takes the sample at random, in the form of one soft metal iron bar exist in marketing of Field town. Size measure each materials specified 2,9 x 20 x 200 (in mm), variation of wheelding use the current 60 A and 70 A by Kampuh Single V wheel one side and two sides.

Target of research is to know whether there difference or strength is not interesting is by significant in zone wheel, between metal which is not hit the wheel with the metal treated wheel. To know the difference used a statistical analysis different test with the formula t at level significance  5 %.

Seen from distribution of data acquirement, there its interesting strength change flattened - flatten, but that way after conducted a statistical test result of research not there are interesting strength difference by significant between metal treated wheel with not wheel. Its result exactly outside zone wheel happened the proven the interesting strength change materials the happening of breaking in mains metal. Research conclusions there are interesting strength change. Wheelding one side, result of interesting strength a few downhill, but wheelding two sides interesting strength exactly a few increasing compared to a metal which not wheel

Key Word : Zone Wheel, Strength

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